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Run commands on remote machine with ssh

October 31, 2012

Run commands on remote machine with ssh

Running a simple command on a remote machine with ssh is straight forward:

ssh workhorse 'echo $HOSTNAME'

However, watch out for shell expansion on the local machine (i.e. use either 'echo $HOSTNAME' or "echo \$HOSTNAME").

This is useful, amongst other things, in makefiles where a target can be created by executing a batch file on a remote machine as long as it’s ssh accessible. For example, given the following makefile

    @echo "echo \$$HOSTNAME" > $@
    @echo "pwd" >> $@
run: foo.batch
    ssh workhorse 'cd $(CURDIR) && bash $<'

make run on some machine with ssh access to workhorse will execute foo.batch on workhorse and the target will wait for execution to finish.

The output should be


Remember that this works best if the connection can be made without the need to enter a password, for example using a key pair or kerberos ticket.