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Permanganate/S1 Nuclease Footprinting Reveals Non-B DNA Structures with Regulatory Potential across a Mammalian Genome. Kouzine F, Wojtowicz D, Baranello L, Yamane A, Nelson S, Resch W, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Benham CJ, Casellas R, Przytycka TM, Levens D [Cell Syst. 2017 Mar 22;4:344-356] Pubmed

RAG Represents a Widespread Threat to the Lymphocyte Genome Teng G, Maman Y, Resch W, Kim M, Yamane A, Qian J, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Mandal M, Ji Y, Meffre E, Clark MR, Cowell LG, Casellas R, Schatz DG [Cell. 2015 Aug 13;162:751-765] Pubmed

B Cell Super-Enhancers and Regulatory Clusters Recruit AID Tumorigenic Activity Qian J, Wang Q, Dose M, Pruett N, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Resch W, Liang G, Tang Z, Mathé E, Benner C, Dubois W, Nelson S, Vian L, Oliveira TY, Jankovic M, Hakim O, Gazumyan A, Pavri R, Awasthi P, Song B, Liu G, Chen L, Zhu S, Feigenbaum L, Staudt L, Murre C, Ruan Y, Robbiani DF, Pan-Hammarström Q, Nussenzweig MC, Casellas R [Cell. 2014 Dec 18;159(7):1524-1537] Pubmed

A mouse model of HIES reveals pro- and anti-inflammatory functions of STAT3. Steward-Tharp SM, Laurence A, Kanno Y, Kotlyar A, Villarino AV, Sciume G, Kuchen S, Resch W, Wohlfert EA, Jiang K, Hirahara K, Vahedi G, Sun HW, Feigenbaum L, Milner JD, Holland SM, Casellas R, Powrie F, O'Shea JJ. [Blood. 2014 May 8;123(19):2978-2987] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Interactome maps of mouse gene regulatory domains reveal basic principles of transcriptional regulation. Kieffer-Kwon KR, Tang Z, Mathe E, Qian J, Sung MH, Li G, Resch W, Baek S, Pruett N, Grontved L, Vian L, Nelson S, Zare H, Hakim O, Reyon D, Yamane A, Nakahashi H, Kovalchuk AL, Zou J, Joung JK, Sartorelli V, Wei CL, et al. [Cell. 2013 Dec 19;155(7):1507-1520] Pubmed PubmedCentral

A genome-wide map of CTCF multivalency redefines the CTCF code. Nakahashi H, Kwon KR, Resch W, Vian L, Dose M, Stavreva D, Hakim O, Pruett N, Nelson S, Yamane A, Qian J, Dubois W, Welsh S, Phair RD, Pugh BF, Lobanenkov V, Hager GL, Casellas R. [Cell Rep. 2013 May 30;3(5):1678-1689] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Global regulation of promoter melting in naive lymphocytes. Kouzine F, Wojtowicz D, Yamane A, Resch W, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Bandle R, Nelson S, Nakahashi H, Awasthi P, Feigenbaum L, Menoni H, Hoeijmakers J, Vermeulen W, Ge H, Przytycka TM, Levens D, Casellas R. [Cell. 2013 May 23;153(5):988-999] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Rif1 prevents resection of DNA breaks and promotes immunoglobulin class switching. Di Virgilio M, Callen E, Yamane A, Zhang W, Jankovic M, Gitlin AD, Feldhahn N, Resch W, Oliveira TY, Chait BT, Nussenzweig A, Casellas R, Robbiani DF, Nussenzweig MC. [Science. 2013 Feb 8;339(6120):711-715] Pubmed PubmedCentral

RPA accumulation during class switch recombination represents 5'-3' DNA-end resection during the S-G2/M phase of the cell cycle. Yamane A, Robbiani DF, Resch W, Bothmer A, Nakahashi H, Oliveira T, Rommel PC, Brown EJ, Nussenzweig A, Nussenzweig MC, Casellas R. [Cell Rep. 2013 Jan 31;3(1):138-147] Pubmed PubmedCentral

53BP1 alters the landscape of DNA rearrangements and suppresses AID-induced B cell lymphoma. Jankovic M, Feldhahn N, Oliveira TY, Silva IT, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Yamane A, Resch W, Klein I, Robbiani DF, Casellas R, Nussenzweig MC. [Mol Cell. 2013 Feb 21;49(4):623-631] Pubmed PubmedCentral

c-Myc is a universal amplifier of expressed genes in lymphocytes and embryonic stem cells. Nie Z, Hu G, Wei G, Cui K, Yamane A, Resch W, Wang R, Green DR, Tessarollo L, Casellas R, Zhao K, Levens D. [Cell. 2012 Sep 28;151(1):68-79] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Mouse model of endemic Burkitt translocations reveals the long-range boundaries of Ig-mediated oncogene deregulation. Kovalchuk AL, Ansarah-Sobrinho C, Hakim O, Resch W, Tolarova H, Dubois W, Yamane A, Takizawa M, Klein I, Hager GL, Morse HC 3rd, Potter M, Nussenzweig MC, Casellas R. [Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jul 3;109(27):10972-10977] Pubmed PubmedCentral

The folliculin-FNIP1 pathway deleted in human Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome is required for murine B-cell development. Baba M, Keller JR, Sun HW, Resch W, Kuchen S, Suh HC, Hasumi H, Hasumi Y, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Gonzalez CG, Hughes RM, Klein ME, Oh HF, Bible P, Southon E, Tessarollo L, Schmidt LS, Linehan WM, Casellas R. [Blood. 2012 Aug 9;120(6):1254-1261] Pubmed PubmedCentral

DNA damage defines sites of recurrent chromosomal translocations in B lymphocytes. Hakim O, Resch W, Yamane A, Klein I, Kieffer-Kwon KR, Jankovic M, Oliveira T, Bothmer A, Voss TC, Ansarah-Sobrinho C, Mathe E, Liang G, Cobell J, Nakahashi H, Robbiani DF, Nussenzweig A, Hager GL, Nussenzweig MC, Casellas R. [Nature. 2012 Feb 7;484(7392):69-74] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Translocation capture sequencing: a method for high throughput mapping of chromosomal rearrangements. Oliveira TY, Resch W, Jankovic M, Casellas R, Nussenzweig MC, Klein IA. [J Immunol Methods. 2012 Jan 31;375(1-2):176-181] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Translocation-capture sequencing reveals the extent and nature of chromosomal rearrangements in B lymphocytes. Klein IA, Resch W, Jankovic M, Oliveira T, Yamane A, Nakahashi H, Di Virgilio M, Bothmer A, Nussenzweig A, Robbiani DF, Casellas R, Nussenzweig MC. [Cell. 2011 Sep 30;147(1):95-106] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Deep-sequencing identification of the genomic targets of the cytidine deaminase AID and its cofactor RPA in B lymphocytes. Yamane A, Resch W, Kuo N, Kuchen S, Li Z, Sun HW, Robbiani DF, McBride K, Nussenzweig MC, Casellas R. [Nat Immunol. 2011 Jan;12(1):62-69] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Activation-induced cytidine deaminase targets DNA at sites of RNA polymerase II stalling by interaction with Spt5. Pavri R, Gazumyan A, Jankovic M, Di Virgilio M, Klein I, Ansarah-Sobrinho C, Resch W, Yamane A, Reina San-Martin B, Barreto V, Nieland TJ, Root DE, Casellas R, Nussenzweig MC. [Cell. 2010 Oct 1;143(1):122-133] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Regulation of microRNA expression and abundance during lymphopoiesis. Kuchen S, Resch W, Yamane A, Kuo N, Li Z, Chakraborty T, Wei L, Laurence A, Yasuda T, Peng S, Hu-Li J, Lu K, Dubois W, Kitamura Y, Charles N, Sun HW, Muljo S, Schwartzberg PL, Paul WE, O'Shea J, Rajewsky K, Casellas R. [Immunity. 2010 Jun 25;32(6):828-839] Pubmed PubmedCentral

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Expression of the highly conserved vaccinia virus E6 protein is required for virion morphogenesis. Resch W, Weisberg AS, Moss B. [Virology. 2009 Apr 10;386(2):478-485] Pubmed PubmedCentral

The National Center for Biotechnology Information's Protein Clusters Database. Klimke W, Agarwala R, Badretdin A, Chetvernin S, Ciufo S, Fedorov B, Kiryutin B, O'Neill K, Resch W, Resenchuk S, Schafer S, Tolstoy I, Tatusova T. [Nucleic Acids Res. 2009 Jan;37(Database issue):D216-223] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Disparity between levels of in vitro neutralization of vaccinia virus by antibody to the A27 protein and protection of mice against intranasal challenge. Fogg CN, Americo JL, Earl PL, Resch W, Aldaz-Carroll L, Eisenberg RJ, Cohen GH, Moss B. [J Virol. 2008 Aug;82(16):8022-8029] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Vaccinia virus D10 protein has mRNA decapping activity, providing a mechanism for control of host and viral gene expression. Parrish S, Resch W, Moss B. [Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 Feb 13;104(7):2139-2144] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Adjuvant-enhanced antibody responses to recombinant proteins correlates with protection of mice and monkeys to orthopoxvirus challenges. Fogg CN, Americo JL, Lustig S, Huggins JW, Smith SK, Damon I, Resch W, Earl PL, Klinman DM, Moss B. [Vaccine. 2007 Apr 12;25(15):2787-2799] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Protein composition of the vaccinia virus mature virion. Resch W, Hixson KK, Moore RJ, Lipton MS, Moss B. [Virology. 2007 Feb 5;358(1):233-247] Pubmed

The conserved poxvirus L3 virion protein is required for transcription of vaccinia virus early genes. Resch W, Moss B. [J Virol. 2005 Dec;79(23):14719-14729] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Evolution of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease genotypes and phenotypes in vivo under selective pressure of the protease inhibitor ritonavir. Resch W, Parkin N, Watkins T, Harris J, Swanstrom R. [J Virol. 2005 Aug;79(16):10638-10649] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Effect of a protease inhibitor-induced genetic bottleneck on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 env gene populations. Kitrinos KM, Nelson JA, Resch W, Swanstrom R. [J Virol. 2005 Aug;79(16):10627-10637] Pubmed PubmedCentral

Vaccinia virus nonstructural protein encoded by the A11R gene is required for formation of the virion membrane. Resch W, Weisberg AS, Moss B. [J Virol. 2005 Jun;79(11):6598-6609] Pubmed PubmedCentral

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Nelfinavir-resistant, amprenavir-hypersusceptible strains of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 carrying an N88S mutation in protease have reduced infectivity, reduced replication capacity, and reduced fitness and process the Gag polyprotein precursor aberrantly. Resch W, Ziermann R, Parkin N, Gamarnik A, Swanstrom R. [J Virol. 2002 Sep;76(17):8659-8666] Pubmed PubmedCentral

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