Wolfgang Resch - Notes

Nov 18 Process a VCF file with htslib
Jul 19 How to model dwell time of proteins on DNA binding sites in R - part 1
Jun 27 Visualizing algorithms - an article by Mike Bostock
Jun 26 Smoothing data with Savitzky-Golay filters
Jun 26 Use newline or tab in replacement with `replace-string` or `replace-regexp` in emacs
May 22 Aligning ggplot2 graphs on a page
May 7 Bash named pipes and process substitution
May 6 Matching up homologous genes from different organisms with homologene
Apr 24 Short circuit evaluation of conditionals in bash
Apr 8 Make tutorial slides geared towards bioinformatics pipelines
Mar 27 Parallel execution of R code with the multicore package
Mar 26 PBS job arrays
Feb 28 Bash module mailcmd
Feb 27 Background processes, nohup, and disowning your children
Feb 19 Insert size distribution from paired-end bam files
Jan 31 Merging bigwig files
Jul 24 Running a command with a timeout
Jul 11 How to pick a random subset of lines from file
Jun 24 Picking illumina index sequence combinations
Jun 21 Automatically fetch PDFs of UCSC browser views for locations within a given session
Jun 20 Passing command line arguments into R scripts
Jun 13 A fun (if hacky) way to determine fastq score types in bash
Jun 12 Safe locking mechanism in bash to serialize access to some resource
Mar 8 Inverse hyperbolic sine transformation for ggplot2 using scales
Jan 28 R project template
Jan 11 figshare - sharing (unlimited) information publicly with a doi
Dec 12 .bash_profile vs. .bashrc
Dec 10 Splitting bash pipelines
Dec 6 CDE - a tool for reproducible research and application packaging using application virtualization
Nov 30 Modify splom to use hexbin panels and show pearson correlations
Nov 28 Faster tunneling of X11 over ssh
Nov 7 Target specific variables in makefiles
Nov 6 Create smoothscatter like plots with ggplot2
Nov 2 Subplots with ggplot2
Nov 1 Qsub submit jobs from makefile
Oct 31 Run commands on remote machine with ssh
Oct 31 Preserve intermediate targets in chains of implicit rules in makefiles
Oct 25 Use xargs to execute jobs in parallel
Jun 10 Python pipelines with generators and coroutines